MAY 1 - MAY 30 ONLY: 2-Payment Option For Fall Recreational Program (U7-U19 Only)

Available May 1 - May 30 | Only For U7 - U19 Age Groups

From May 1 through May 30, we are offering an optional, new 2-month payment method for families registering a player (or players) in the U7-U19 age groups.

Note: Families can still pay in full; if that works best.

Two Payment Option For May:

Here's how it works.

Step 1:  

Register your child in May to play in the U7 - U19 age group.  Make the first of two payments in May.

In May, you will need to make the first payment of $177.50 for the registration fee. The $150 volunteer deposit on the first child's registration will also be added to the first payment.

The total first payment will be $327.50 for one child

Note: We collect the $150 volunteer deposit once per family, not per player.

You will receive the $150 volunteer deposit back at the end of the year if you complete 4 hours of club-specific volunteer work in 2018. No partial refunds will be given.

Step 2 (automatic):

In June, your second payment is $177.50 for one child.

The second payment of $177.50 will automatically be charged to your credit card on the same day of the month as your May payment.  So, if your May payment was made on May 10th, then your June payment will be charged on June 10th.

Example: A Family Registering Two Children

In May, let's say you are registering two children to play soccer in our U7-U19 fall recreational program.

For Two Players: Your first payment in May would include:

$177.50 for your 1st child
$177.50 for your 2nd child
$150.00 for your family's volunteer deposit (Note: 2 players, but only one volunteer deposit collected)

Total 1st payment, paid in May:  $505

For Two Players: Your 2nd payment in June would include:

$177.50 for your 1st child
$177.50 for your 2nd child

Total 2nd payment, paid in June:  $355


Our office staff is here to help!

If you have any questions regarding registration, please call our office at 925-973-0535, Monday - Friday, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. You may also email our Club Administrator, Dawn McQuiston.

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