Referee Uniforms

Referees are expected to wear regulation uniforms including a badge containing the current year.  All referees must wear the standard uniform with the striped jersey.  Grade 9 referees also wear the standard uniform.  However, Grade 9 referees may wear a solid gold jersey.  Wearing the standard uniform allows the referee team to blend together when there is a mix of Grade 8 and Grade 9 referees doing a match.  All members of the referee team must wear the same uniform, if possible. When matching is not possible, the Assistant Referees should match each other.

Smart dress code and timeliness establish field presence and positively affect the way coaches, players and parents interpret referee decisions. Please help to establish and uphold a high standard of dress.

Purchasing Referee Gear

Referee uniform and equipment can be purchased on-line through a number of online stores (e.g. Score Sports, Official Sports) or you may purchase your Referee apparel and equipment locally at Soccer Pro in Dublin, located at 6635 Dublin Boulevard, CA 94568. If you have trouble finding what you need please email

New Referees and Recreational Games

All new referees and referees ONLY officiating recreational games must possess the base uniform including gold jersey with black pin stripes, black shorts, black shoes and approved uniform socks. New referees must also obtain a watch, a whistle and a set of official referee flags. The standard gold jersey should be sufficient to officiate all Recreational regular season & tournament games. Get the short sleeve version since almost all games will be during warm weather.  Long sleeve versions of the jersey become necessary when doing games late in the season in cold weather.


First Year Select and Competitive Referees

Referees must wear colors different from either team or either goalkeeper. 

Referees receiving a rank advancement and refereeing NorCal games for the first time will only be required to purchase the two additional jersey colors shown below during their first season as a competitive referee. This concession is designed to help spread the additional cost burden across two seasons.

Refereeing Select and Competitive Games

Referees must wear colors different from either team or either goalkeeper.

Referees officiating competitive games must possess the following range of additional jersey colors:



League and Affiliations

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