Refereeing is the only vocation where perfection is required from the start, with steady improvement expected thereafter...

Welcome to the San Ramon Referee Web Portal

San Ramon has a dedicated team of referees that manage all aspects of the referee experience.   The San Ramon Referee Committee (SRRC) organizes the referee training sessions, assigns referees to games, manages the payments to the referees, initiates referee outreach and presents referee awards, and is the referees’ connection to the San Ramon FC board and the area referee association (CNRA).  If you have any questions related to refereeing in San Ramon, please contact the San Ramon Referee Committee by emailing

Game Assignment and Payment

The SRRC assigns all league and tournament games using the assigning tool  Most league games are open for referee self-assignment.  This allows referees to pick the times and referee positions that best aligns with their schedule and referee skill level.  Our goal is to place referees on games that are best for the referees and the players.  Information on how to create your GameOfficials account or how to add San Ramon to your existing GameOfficials account can be accessed by clicking on the Generate/Add a GameOfficials Account link.

For tournament games, the SRRC communicates with the entire referee team asking them to provide their availability.  The SRRC assignors then manually assign referees to games and distribute out the assignments 2-3 weeks before the tournament starts.  Tournaments draw a more geographically diverse team of referees and manual assignment allows the assignors to place referees, who do not always have experience with our assignment system, onto games by experience level.

The SRRC uses the GOPay payment system that is linked to the GameOfficials assignment system. GOPay provides referees with the ability to elect a direct deposit to their bank account free of charge, or GOPay will mail you a check for the amount earned minus a check processing fee.  SRRC generates an invoice every 1-2 weeks for league games and works to get tournament payments within 2 weeks.

League and Affiliations

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