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Recreational Soccer Program for Boys and Girls in San Ramon, CA

Our fall recreational program is designed for girls and boys ages 4 to 18. 

San Ramon FC’s mission is to develop players, character and community through soccer. Players have fun and make friends through the game of soccer while developing healthy habits, self-esteem, confidence, and respect.  

Our program offers players a chance to enjoy a team sport while learning soccer skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Your Age Group Coordinators - Contact Them With Questions

If you have questions about our fall recreational program, we encourage coaches and families to contact their designated age group coordinator FIRST. 

The age group coordinator will be your first point of contact for general questions, concerns or suggestions before and during the season:

U5-U8 Age Group Coordinator: KEN RABB (click to email)

U9-U12 Age Group Coordinator: CECILIA GONZALEZ (click to email)

U14-U19 Age Group Coordinator: SELINA WOODHAM (click to email)

Recreational Team

Welcome to Our Recreational & Select Program Page!

On this page, you will find:

1. Fall program information

2. Age Group Coordinator contact information

3. An overview of our recreational program

4. An overview of our select program

For information on our specific recreational age groups, please use these links:

U5-U6 Age Groups

U7 Age Group

U8 Age Group

U9-U12 Age Groups

U14-U19 Age Groups

Select Program

Jovan Yamagishi Leads Our Club's Recreational Programs

General questions? Email him at

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Important Changes

Players and families in our recreational and select programs should be aware of the following changes to our program that took effect in 2016:

1. Effective in 2016, due to a US Soccer Mandate on Player Registration, all teams will be formed based on birth year instead of school calendar year. 

Please view our birth year registration chart to determine which age group your child will play in for 2016.

2. Based on the feedback we received from families in our 2015 end of season survey,  we are implementing changes to our recreational administration structure.  

Beginning in 2016, we will have 3 age group coordinators and a Development Director for our recreational program. Our goal is to improve our communication and support for our players, families and volunteer coaches during the season.

Recreational Overview

The San Ramon FC recreational program is one of the most successful community based soccer organizations in Northern California. The recreational program is designed for all players in the U5 – U19 age groups. Teams are coached by volunteers who are given coaching resources and materials needed to be the best coach possible every season. This is a great program for young and new players, regardless of ability. The goals of the recreational program are for players to have fun while playing and learning FUNdamental soccer skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Recreational teams are coached by parent volunteers. If a team does not have a parent volunteer that steps up to coach at the beginning of the season, the club will continue to inquire and search for a parent within the team that can lead for the season. 

The recreational program is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Recreational U5 and U6 program (3 vs 3)
  • Recreational U7 program (5 vs 5)
  • Recreational U8 program (5 vs 5)
  • Recreational U9-U12 program
  • Recreational U14-U19 program
  • Select U9-U14 program

Game Format and Rules by Age Group

Recreational Season

The recreational season practices begin in mid-August for the U7 – U19 age groups. The U5 and U6 division teams do not have weekday practices. Games begin in late August or early September, depending on the age group. The season ends in early November for all age groups. League games are run solely by San Ramon FC in the U5 to U10 age groups and in conjunction with other local area clubs in the U11 – U19 age groups.

Some games are held on Saturdays and some are held on Sunday. SRFC reserves the right to schedule games on either weekend day. U11 and U14 teams will play games in San Ramon and Dublin, while the U16 – U19 teams will play in San Ramon and other East Bay communities.

Team Formation

Recreational teams are typically formed in late July or early August. In some cases, teams may be formed earlier than that, depending on registration in each age group. Players are assigned to teams by the San Ramon FC staff. Teams are formed using these primary factors:

  1. Parity of teams
  2. Player zip code and school attended
  3. Home location of coaches
  4. Field availability

San Ramon FC is focused on creating a fair, balanced and enjoyable soccer experience for all its players. Our goal is to create equally competitive teams with varying levels of player skill. As such, families should expect the possibility of assignment to a team that practices anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes from their home, somewhere in San Ramon.


Practice will begin in mid-August for U7 – U19 teams and the games begin the weekend prior to Labor Day. U7 – U19 families must expect to practice on any days(s) of the week at the discretion of the coach based on the availability of the coach. The U5-U6 practices/games are held on Saturdays following Labor Day. Game schedules will be posted by San Ramon FC in mid-August with most age groups playing approximately nine or ten games per season.


Coaches are selected by the San Ramon FC Development Director from the parent volunteers who express interest. Volunteering to coach offers a rewarding opportunity to work with children and build their individual and team playing skills. All coaches and assistant coaches are required to register with the club and to get fingerprinted for a background check. SRFC provides support to volunteer coaches by providing coaching curriculum handouts and free coaching clinics beginning in August. Additional training is available through CYSA and NSCAA coaching courses.


We place an emphasis on skill development and creativity by providing coaches with United States Soccer Federation guidelines to help practices run smoother. Through age appropriate exercises and small-sided games, players learn basic fundamentals and technical execution at an early age, while still having fun. Depending on the work or personal schedules of our head coaches, they will determine the best days and times so they can be in the available fields to conduct practice sessions.

Practice times can start as early as 4:00 pm or as late as 6:30 pm, and families, by registering, agree to the possibility of a start anywhere in this time frame. We cannot guarantee a start time, so parents should have their calendar open for a start time in the window provided.

Volunteer Roles

San Ramon FC is proudly made up of more than 200 volunteers to make each season better than the last. From the board members, volunteer coaches and assistant coaches. San Ramon FC is an organization built from the pride of its volunteers. It is with your help that San Ramon FC continues to improve, and in the end, none of this would be possible without your help. If you are interested in volunteering as a coach, assistant coach, or referee please contact us to learn more.

VISIT the volunteer page for detail information, CLICK HERE

Select Program Introduction

The select program is a hybrid extension of both the recreational program and the competitive program. The select program provides players a competitive soccer experience with professional training. It also has a higher commitment of both time and money than the recreational program. The players who participate in the select program mainly come from the recreational program. 

Click Here To Visit Our Select Program Page.


2018 schedule is not available yet.

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