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Space Still Available In Some Age Groups

If you are interested in playing in our competitive program in 2017, please contact one of our Technical Directors:

BOYS TECHNICAL DIRECTOR:  Mani Salimpour (Click to Email)

GIRLS TECHNICAL DIRECTOR:  Zlatko Tomic (Click To Email)

Looking for current training schedules?  

Please visit our training schedule page.

Introduction to the SRFC Competitive Program

The SRFC competitive program fosters an environment where players will improve and develop at a rate consistent with their commitment level to the sport. Our program develops players that train, compete and succeed at local, regional, national and international events. The club helps players reach their full potential, both on and off the field, while instilling a life-long love and respect for the sport.

The focus of the competitive program is to guide and develop youth soccer players from the vitally important early years of soccer, where the learning environment and coaches can have the biggest impact, through every other stage in a player's development cycle, including adult playing opportunities in college, on our club men's or women's team, and professionally for some. The SRFC staff is charged with implementing the club curriculum at each developmental stage, ensuring children can learn and progress through the ranks under the guidance of coaches who excel with youth development.

Children are capable of developing a serious love of the game if exposed to the right environment. By providing a nurturing atmosphere for players, the SRFC competitive program helps create positive habits and attitudes in our players. 

Click the links below to download 2017 Information Packets:

U8 Academy Information Packet

U9 - U11 Academy Information Packet

U12-U14 Competitive Program Information Packet

Competitive Program Description

Players in our competitive program are grouped into teams to participate in training and organized leagues based on their playing level. Competitive players participate in two different organizations for members to play in organized games.

  • NorCal Premier League  affiliated with U.S. Club Soccer, U.S. Soccer.
  • CCSL (CYSA California Soccer League)   affiliated with California Youth Soccer Association (North) also known as CYSA-N, US Youth Soccer , US Soccer

Financial Commitment

The breakdown for 2017 competitive program pricing is available on our registration page.

We have a financial aid program for those that meet the qualifications.

Travel Commitment
In addition to local tournaments such as our own Summer Classic (Girls & Boys), each age group at U9 and older is expected to commit to traveling to other tournaments.  This may include at least one tournament that requires an overnight(s) stay. For example, for the past two years at least 15 teams have gone together to the North South Tournament at San Luis Obispo.

Since the costs for transportation, meals, and hotels for these tournaments vary according to the situation, no specific costs have been added to the financial summary.  There may be opportunities to underwrite some or all of these expenses through team coordinated fundraising activities.  However, parents should make their commitment to the competitive level program based on the assumption they will have to pay for their child’s full expenses for transportation, meals, and hotels for these tournaments.  It is expected that a team’s parents will help pay for the team coach’s travel expense according to the club approved budget. 

Volunteer Commitment

SRFC's competitive level teams require a number of volunteers to operate effectively and efficiently.  These positions typically require a commitment for the entire seasonal year. 

Volunteers from each competitive level team will be needed for the following positions:

  • Team Manager    – Coordinates communication, player passes, team parties, parent meetings, travel, tournament applications, training schedules, etc.
  • Team Treasurer   – Handles the money for the individual team and works with the League’s Treasurer to provide standardized reports for accountability.
  • Individual Team volunteers – Including snack coordinator, tournament volunteer, flag bearer, first aid, statistician, team publicity, communication coordinator (website, newspapers), etc.

For more information on volunteering, see Volunteers.

Playing Leagues

U9, U10 participate in the Nor Cal Premier League. The fall program lasts approx. 6 months, from the middle of June till the end of November. In addition, teams will play in the NORCAL State Cup and other selected tournaments. The spring program last approximately 3 months from March till end of May. Players will train and participate in the NORCAL spring league, playdates, or scrimmages. Participation in the spring program is strongly encouraged but provisions will be made for players who wish to participate in other sports.
U11, U12 ,U13, U14 participate in the NorCal Premier League. The fall program last approximately 8 months from middle of June till end of February. In addition, teams will play in the NORCAL State Cup and other selected tournaments. The spring program last approx. 3 months from March till beginning of June. Players will train and participate in the NORCAL spring league, Playdates or scrimmages. Participation in the spring program is strongly encouraged but provisions will be made for players who wish to participate in other sports.
Each U15 to U19 teams will select the league (NORCAL or CCSL) that best suits its needs. The program lasts approximately 10 months from middle of June till May with a 2.5 month break between November to January for CIF High school play. In addition, teams will play in the State Cups and other selected tournaments.


Each team will have a professional staff hired to coach the team, which includes trainings during the week plus weekend games and tournaments.


Training schedule, click here


For each age group, the SRFC coaching staff will be meet some time after the team formation process to firm up a list of suggested tournaments that the teams will go to based on the teams’ abilities. We will try to get many teams to go to the same tournament if possible to create the CLUB atmosphere and so SRFC has a strong presence and players can support other SRFC teams. 

We will also recommend/limit the number to 3 during the season plus State Cup (or Association Cup). Exceptions may be made on approval of the Tournament Committee consisting of the Technical Directors and the Senior Staff.
For the older age groups (U14 and up), depending on the needs of the teams to attend College Showcases and their ability to get accepted, the head coaches of the age group together with the Tournament Committee will decide on the number and which tournaments to attend.

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