Comparing Competitive, Select & Recreational

Comparing Our 3 Most Popular Youth Soccer Programs

For our U8-U14 age groups, we offer 3 distinct programs for youth players: Recreational, Select & Competitive. To help families choose the best program for their sons and daughters, we prepared a chart showing the key features of each.

About The Chart

We based our calculations for the chart on the following:

  1. We estimated the average length of a practice, in all 3 programs, to be 1.5 hours.
  2. We estimated Recreational and Select teams practice 2 times per week.
  3. We estimated Competitive teams practice 3 times per week.

Some Competitive teams may practice more than this amount. Some Recreational and Select teams may practice less. However, this gives us a reasonably accurate basis for comparing our programs:

Program Chart

The hours shown above reflect training time only and does not include game time.

Competitive vs. Select vs. Recreational

Financial aid is available for all of these programs. Families interested in playing in these programs must meet the income eligibility requirements for aid and must submit a financial aid application.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a link to 2017 program costs.

Here are additional details on each program:


Competitive teams have two seasons: A spring season from mid-March to early June and a summer/fall season from early July until mid-November. Competitive teams are always trained by a coach from our professional coaching staff. In our Competitive program players experience a professionally run training environment with licensed coaches, many of whom have playing experience with professional clubs and/or college programs.

Competitive teams take a 3-4 week break in June. It is typical for teams to play 3-4 tournaments too as well as State Cup. By the end of the season, players typically have over 100 hours of training from our professional coaching staff. One of the three weekly team practices takes place in our indoor futsal facility.


The U8-U11 age groups completed the 2017 Competitive/Select tryouts already, however, there are still a few open spots for interested players.

If you are interested in having your child play on a U8-U11 competitive team, please contact our Boys Technical Director, Mani Salimpour, or our Girls Technical Director, Zlatko Tomic, asap.

U12-U14 age groups begin the free Competitive/Select tryout process on February 15.

Tryouts for U15-U19 age groups will be held in May.


2017 Competitive program registration is now open for U8-U14 age groups.


Select teams begin to train in early July and finish in mid-November. Parent volunteers coach all the games and more than half of the practices. Select teams also receive 12 training sessions with a trainer from our professional staff. The program gives players limited access to professional training and requires a greater time commitment than our Recreational program.

Our Select program has a longer season than Recreational. Select teams typically participate in 2-3 local tournaments, in addition to playing games in their fall league against teams from nearby cities. In terms of cost, the price of our Select program is more than Recreational, but less than Competitive.


The Select program is only offered in the U9-U14 age groups.


2017 Select registration is now open for U9-U14 age groups.

Players must register and participate in the free Competitive/Select tryout process in order to play in the Select program.


Generally speaking, Recreational teams can train (practice) from early August until early November. In our U8-U14 Recreational program, parent volunteers coach team practices and games. This program provides children with a fun, social team sport experience. Teams typically play 10 games in a fall league on fields in San Ramon, or possibly Dublin, depending on the age group. In terms of cost, our Recreational program is the lowest priced and has the shortest season (early August to early November).


We do offer our Recreational program for the U5, U6, U7 and U15-U19 age groups as well.


2017 Recreational registration opens March 1. Register early to get the best price.

If you would like additional details, descriptions and information on these programs, please use the links below to visit the program pages.

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