The State of our Club

We are a club on the rise.

Over the past years, we have been re-energized by the passion of our players, the dedication of our families, and the tireless effort of all involved to create a positive experience for our players.

Our club’s reputation is growing locally and regionally, and our programs are growing in number too.

Our competitiveness is on the rise: Our club’s teams won 25 tournaments and leagues in 2015.

With our futsal facility and programs, we are now the epicenter of youth futsal in the East Bay.  In just our second year, we have over 90 teams from various clubs competing in our winter futsal league.

Thanks to their own hard work and the guidance of our club’s coaches, our club’s players are receiving greater attention from both Olympic development and collegiate programs.  We expect that to continue in the future and we are committed to helping players reach their full potential.

To better serve youth in our club and community, we added a new program in 2015:  College Services. This program offers valuable resources to players seeking to play in college.  The program is headed by our College Program Director, Travis Clarke.  Travis is the Head Women’s Coach at St. Mary’s College. 

For our youngest players, we created our Kick Start program in 2015.  Three and four year olds can enjoy a fun introduction to soccer and a chance to develop physical skills like coordination and balance.

As proud as we are of the Kick Start program, in 2015 we were also delighted to announce that our club has joined the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL), a nationwide premier league for adult women. The WPSL is not only the largest amateur women’s soccer league in the country, but in the entire world. 

Our new women’s team begins competing in the summer of 2016 and will unite our club and the soccer community in the San Ramon Valley behind a common team.  We expect our WPSL team to play exciting, aggressive, attacking and entertaining soccer.

League and Affiliations

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